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October 2010
We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Penelope Lepisto is the new Director/Teacher of Tender Shepherd Preschool.  Her training in Early Childhood Education is from Keene State College and New Hampshire Community Technical College.  Penny, a Troy resident, has 11 years experience as an Early Childhood teacher.  We welcome her to our preschool and look forward to another wonderful school year..

Mrs. Paula Crouse is assisting Mrs. Lepisto in the classroom.  Readiness skills and age appropriate activities occur daily.  There also is time for free, guided play in the classroom or outside in the fenced-in playground.  Songs, stories, crafts, painting, and so much more take place at preschool.


From the Issue: 
October 2010
Full day Kindergarten is on its way!  Beginning in September 2011 all Monadnock Region towns will offer ‘Full Day K’ by a unanimous decision of the board.  We are proud to say that the topic has been thoroughly researched by our Full-Day Kindergarten Committee, which was lead by Fitzwilliam school board rep Phyllis Peterson.  This is one of the many positive changes we are all looking forward to.
Our superintendent, Dr. Hodgdon, is a strong and an open communicator, which is tremendously helpful as the board addresses some of the biggest issues that have arisen in decades.  This summer, our SAU Withdrawal Study Committee came forward with a recommendation that we initiate the process of separating from Hinsdale and Winchester School Districts, and months later, their proposal was presented to the New Hampshire Board of Education and was unanimously supported.  The committee’s report can be found at under the ‘Withdrawal’ heading.  Please also see ‘SAU Update’ by Dick Thackston in this issue for more information on this topic.


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September 2010
In March the voters in the Monadnock School District passed a warrant article to form a committee to study the  feasibility of withdrawing from SAU 38.  The committee was formed and two members were chosen from Troy.  Anna Thackston, School Budget Committee member, and Normand Dion, citizen.

After meeting nearly every week for two months the report has been completed and the members are unanimous in their recommendation that Monadnock should withdraw.   A public hearing has been held, and the report has been forwarded to the state.  The plan is to bring the withdrawal proposal to the Monadnock voters in September or October of 2010.  Following a positive response from the voters the withdrawal could possibly be completed on July 1, 2011.
Our plan is to outline the important findings of our report in the next TROY TOWN NEWS.


From the Issue: 
September 2010
Welcome back to a brand new school year!  We hope you all had a restful and enjoyable vacation.  The school year is off with a bang and it’s good to see the students in the halls again.  The school day runs from 8:35 AM until 3 PM.  Please do not drop your students, or send them so that they arrive, before 8:25 AM as there are no staff members on duty.  Just a reminder, if you need to be in the building for any reason, please come in through the office door and sign in.  If your students need to be at school prior to 8:25 AM, the NCLA program does offer before school care.  Please contact Jean Isgro at 242-7741 to make arrangements, and bring your student in through the multipurpose room door. 


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July/August 2010
The summer break is here but the school board’s work is not nearly done.  There have been lots of exciting projects this year and a couple of sad losses.  Chief among the losses was the resignation of Mr. Pickering, our beloved high school principal, to pursue a new career-enhancing opportunity.  Mr. Pickering has been an inspiration to many students; he will be dearly missed.  There will be an interim principal in place by the time Mr. Pickering leaves us, and the search for his permanent replacement will go on. Filling his shoes is a big task that the Principal Search Committee takes very seriously, so the choice will not be made hastily.


From the Issue: 
July/August 2010
The Class of 1953 hosted another Troy High School Reunion on Sunday, June 6, 2010 at The Inn at East Hill Farm, Troy , NH .  A total of 122 attendees were present even though we had a raging storm in the area.  The afternoon started with a social hour in the afternoon with delicious hors d’oeuvres.  Sylvia (Valonen) Rockwell from the year 1937 was acknowledged for being the oldest graduate in attendance and presented with a bottle of wine.  Attendees from the 1940’s included George Congdon (1940), Nancy (Gray) O’Grady (1949), Girard Chaput (1940), Joe Descoteaux (1946), Arthur Maki (1947), Shirley (Rogers) Pike (1947), Marie Kiblin (1949) and Jane (Rocheleau) Rideout (1949).  The majority of attendees graduated in the 1950’s and 1960’s.


It seems like it was just last week that I was typing up the September '09 article, yet here we are saying goodbye to another school year. The students of Troy School worked very hard this year and are well deserving of a restful summer break. As a school, we may not have made AYP this year, but our overall test scores continue to climb in leaps and bounds and your children should be very proud of themselves and all the work they have done.

We’d like to take a minute to say goodbye, and to thank Kathy Marrotte for 30 years of service in our school district, most of them right here at Troy School. I asked one of her former students what his favorite part of being in her class was, and after some thought he replied,” I liked the pencil trays, and finding the magic pencil.”  You never know what children take with them when they go. Happy Retirement Kathy, we will miss you.


From the Issue: 
July/August 2010
Principal’s List
Cullen Lloyd
Leo Shotton
Ethan Pierce
Brianna Caron
Kaila Shokri
Jacob George
Jarod Redfield
Cheyanna Venable
Tyler Adams

High Honor Roll
Ciara Bryans
Matt Mecheski
Karissa Nason
Kaitlyn Priest
Abby Sherlock
Mary Shotton
Iain Tremblay

Honor Roll
Autumn Lafountain
Hunter Lang
Brianna Stearns
Eythan Tidlund
Richard Wesley
Jack Beal
Clayton Blake
Andrew Peters
Rush Decatur
Hunter Rounds
Lindsay Pratt
Hannah Rehmer

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